What is CorePass?

January 16, 2024

Discover the latest technological advance in the field of digital identity, the CorePass ID application, its unique properties, and its introduction as the login gateway, first implemented on Ping Exchange.

The continuous development of online services has brought unprecedented convenience to our fingertips. From online shopping and social media platforms to banking and healthcare services, our identities are scattered across a multitude of digital platforms.

This convenience seems to have come at the cost of our privacy, though. From social engineering tactics to targeted advertising and identity theft, the risks associated with online identity management are manifold. The increasing frequency of data breaches and privacy concerns has raised alarm bells regarding the security of our personal information.

The CorePass ID app emerges as a timely solution, providing individuals with a robust framework to safeguard their personal information while engaging in digital interactions. By utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques and decentralized storage, the CorePass ID app mitigates the vulnerabilities of centralized databases, offering a trustworthy and privacy-centric platform for managing digital identities.

The app represents a crucial step towards reclaiming control over your online privacy. Unlike traditional identity verification methods that rely on centralized systems, the CorePass ID app leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide a secure, transparent, and user-oriented approach. This revolutionary shift not only offers enhanced security but also empowers users to regain sovereignty over their personal information.

The Basics of the CorePass ID App

The CorePass ID application has been developed by CoDeTech, whose founders also stand behind the Core Blockchain network on which the platform bases its functionality. The primary purpose of the CorePass ID app is to integrate all your personal data into one secure decentralized app and give you full control over your online information.

The process begins with your KYC (Know-Your-Client) verification of documents and contact information. These become imprinted into Core Blockchain, and you have the sole right to access the data you provide or share it with another individual or an institution on a peer-to-peer basis.

The documents and information you are able to verify within the application consist of:

  • Identity Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Residency Permit
  • Proof of Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

The World's Safest Login Platform

The CorePass ID application, operating as a decentralized digital identity solution with integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, furnishes platforms with a secure login mechanism predicated solely on a QR code scan within the application.

Facilitating a peer-to-peer connection, the interaction between the platform and the application operates on a data-request model. The login gateway solicits specific user information, which can be either consented to or declined by the user. Given the decentralized nature of this process, user data remains unrecorded on any server and remains inaccessible to any external entity.

Furthermore, CorePass empowers users to exert full control over the extent of personal information they choose to disclose. The application provides adaptable templates and fields that users can selectively populate in accordance with the information requested.

In a pivotal departure from convention, CorePass redefines the user interface by removingthe need for passwords in subsequent logins. Instead, it leverages the efficiency of the QR code, thereby streamlining the authentication process and eliminating the need to commit passwords to memory.

The integrity of the connection is fortified by the deployment of Edward’s ED448 elliptic curve cryptography, an impregnable encryption methodology unparalleled in established networks. Its singular implementation can be observed exclusively within the aforementioned Core Blockchain framework, underscoring the pioneering nature of CorePass's security infrastructure.

Based on the Core Blockchain

The Core Blockchain platform constitutes a notable stride in the realms of both online security and accessibility. Distinguishing itself from its counterparts, it incorporates the formidable Edward's Curve ED448 Goldilocks encryption methodology, underscoring its commitment to robust data protection.

In the pursuit of utmost security, the platform employs an encryption protocol for the encryption and transmission of all messages within the network. This multifaceted approach encompasses conventional internet connections, GSM networks, and the resilient Luna Mesh network, ensuring the uninterrupted availability of the blockchain.

In terms of operational velocity, the platform's underlying programming is meticulously crafted with the aim of ultimately achieving an impressive transaction throughput of 10,000 per second. This noteworthy capacity not only positions Core Blockchain favorably against established transaction processors such as Mastercard or Visa but also underscores its unwavering dedication to the principles of decentralization.

To serve as a pivotal bridge between the cryptocurrency sphere and traditional fiat systems, the network seamlessly integrates oracles adhering to ISO standards that facilitate SWIFT messages. Furthermore, it incorporates the ICAN (modern IBAN) standards into its structural framework, further enhancing its interoperability with conventional financial systems.

Unique Wallets

CorePass affirms its uniqueness by implementing hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets that represent a monumental leap forward in digital asset security and management. Unlike conventional wallets, which generate a single private key for each cryptocurrency address, HD wallets operate on a hierarchical structure based on a mathematical algorithm known as a Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet Structure (HDWS). This algorithm allows for the creation of an entire tree of key pairs, each derived deterministically from a master seed.

The significance of HD wallets lies in their deterministic nature, which gives them a unique ability to generate an infinite number of addresses from a single, easily memorable master seed. This feature, rooted in advanced cryptographic principles, affords users an unprecedented level of control and convenience in managing their cryptocurrency holdings. Furthermore, the deterministic nature of HD wallets facilitates the creation of secure backups, rendering them impervious to loss or corruption, a feature that is particularly critical in the realm of digital finance.

The hierarchical deterministic structure ensures that each address is generated using a unique, deterministic path from the master seed. This inherent determinism means that the master seed alone is sufficient to regenerate the entire wallet structure, obviating the need for cumbersome record-keeping of multiple private keys.

CorePass offers this type of wallet for both Core Blockchain currencies, the Core Coin, and Core Token, with the option to send and receive funds securely and swiftly.

CorePass Is the Way to Go

In an era where personal data has become a valuable commodity, the CorePass ID app pioneers a paradigm shift that puts individuals back in control. By shifting the focus of authority from centralized entities to the users themselves, the CorePass ID app fosters a sense of empowerment and privacy in the digital landscape. 

With the ability to selectively share personal information on a need-to-know basis, users can enjoy the benefits of online services without sacrificing their privacy and security. As more individuals recognize the importance of protecting their digital identities, CorePass is poised to redefine the way we navigate the online world.

Moreover, the CorePass ID app has the potential to revolutionize various sectors that heavily rely on identity verification. From financial institutions and healthcare providers to government agencies and educational institutions, the implementation of CorePass can streamline processes, enhance security, and reduce instances of fraud.

As we stand on the cusp of a digital future, the importance of personal information protection cannot be overemphasized. CorePass marks a significant milestone in our ongoing battle to secure our digital identities, enabling us to navigate the online world with confidence and peace of mind.

The application is available in both the Google and iOS mobile stores.

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