How to Get a Referral Link

December 21, 2023

Dear Ping Trader,

Having friends pays off and with Ping, you and your friends can earn rewards while trading, if you can successfully refer them. 

You will get a collective reward of 22% of their trading fees, split between you and your friend at 17% and 5% respectively.

Make sure to follow these few easy steps:

  1. Head on to the Referral section in your dashboard.
  1. Copy the referral link and send it to your friend.
  1. Once your friend registers on the exchange with the link you have provided, you can see them in your referral list.

Exciting opportunities await as you engage your friends in the world of trading with Ping! By successfully referring them, not only do you share the joys of trading, but you also earn lucrative rewards together. 

Start referring, start earning, and let the rewards flow in! Happy trading, Ping Trader!

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